Flesh & Buns

Last summer the people behind Bone Daddies ramen shop in Soho opened up a new phenomenon; Flesh & Buns. I was super excited to hear about this, since there is nothing more satisfying than a really good steamed bun. It took me a while, but at one point we found ourselves in Covent Garden and hungry… and I knew just where… Read more →

World Cup German Food

Naturally as England was out of the running for the cup, I switched to supporting ze Germans with my husband. What a good trade! Watching all the games until the final (Algeria’s madness, France’s blasé style) what a show, I was almost as stressed out as the Germans I was watching with! For the world cup final, we went to… Read more →

Karlsruhe – May 2014

It’s not my first time in Karlsruhe. As our flight arrives bright and early from Stansted to Baden Baden’s teeny tiny airport, I am suffering. Yet again victim of the ‘quick one’ after work, on the last day before a long weekend… I can only equate the sense of freedom on these days with the last day of term in… Read more →

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