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I have wanted to do a roadtrip from Bilbao to Barcelona for a long time, and at last we did! It was all it promised to be and more. We had a wonderful time at each stop, with the potential for each location to be a destination for a break in itself. I have often heard that Bilbao is arty and… Read more →

Winter Sun in Tenerife

As the winter chill set in this January, after a relatively mild and pleasant Christmas, we began to feel the familiar itch of needing to leave the country for a while. Winter sun is always a welcome respite, and everyone will have their own idea of what is best, whether skiing in the cold but sunny mountains, or finding a… Read more →

California Road Trip!

I have been to California numerous times in my life, as my sister moved there when I was young. So I grew up visiting great spots like Manhattan Beach, Disneyland and Universal Studios – any young kid’s dream. As it came to planning our next holiday, I really wanted to take ze German to Las Vegas, as he wasn’t convinced… Read more →

A Dublin Guide

From the very first time I visited Dublin, I fell a bit in love with it. It was 2008, and Holly Golightly and I decided that we should be in Dublin for St Patrick’s Day to celebrate her father’s Irish heritage and well, Aer Lingus flights were £35 return so it would be just rude not to! I have been… Read more →

Valentines Day

It is almost that time of year when either you will be swooning or swearing… If single no doubt you will be trying to get on with your life as normally as possible whilst everyone else goes nuts (in which case use this post as a guide of where to avoid!). And if you are all hooked up, then no… Read more →

London in January

Having a Dry/ Lean/ Frugal January? Commiserations… and welcome to the club!   To beat the January Blues… most of us are in the gym, sweating away and hoping that by the time we come out of there we will be svelte and the sun will be shining. I believe this is modern hibernation. After the holidays we are all over-indulged in… Read more →

Two Weeks in Thailand

In January this year, we set off for our Thailand honeymoon. Why Thailand? Well, I really wanted to go to the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean, somewhere typical for a honeymoon where we could relax and tick the white beaches off the to do list. But ze German was not convinced, as he is not a fan of beach holidays (he becomes… Read more →

Karlsruhe – May 2014

It’s not my first time in Karlsruhe. As our flight arrives bright and early from Stansted to Baden Baden’s teeny tiny airport, I am suffering. Yet again victim of the ‘quick one’ after work, on the last day before a long weekend… I can only equate the sense of freedom on these days with the last day of term in… Read more →

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