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I have wanted to do a roadtrip from Bilbao to Barcelona for a long time, and at last we did! It was all it promised to be and more. We had a wonderful time at each stop, with the potential for each location to be a destination for a break in itself. I have often heard that Bilbao is arty and… Read more →

California Road Trip!

I have been to California numerous times in my life, as my sister moved there when I was young. So I grew up visiting great spots like Manhattan Beach, Disneyland and Universal Studios – any young kid’s dream. As it came to planning our next holiday, I really wanted to take ze German to Las Vegas, as he wasn’t convinced… Read more →

Karlsruhe – May 2014

It’s not my first time in Karlsruhe. As our flight arrives bright and early from Stansted to Baden Baden’s teeny tiny airport, I am suffering. Yet again victim of the ‘quick one’ after work, on the last day before a long weekend… I can only equate the sense of freedom on these days with the last day of term in… Read more →

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